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Life at Willow Manor

Willow Manor is a residential care and long-term mental health support community located in Chilliwack, BC. Willow Manor provides 24-hour residential and mental health services. The focus at Willow Manor is to deliver excellence in the provision of care to residents.

Our commitment to quality of life includes:

• Treating everyone with respect and dignity
• Enable freedom of choice
• Respect and protect privacy
• Providing recreation and social interactions
• Support residents’ independence through the physical design features in the building and the delivery of support services

Wellness Services at Willow Manor
Wellness Services Health and wellness are important to us at Willow Manor. We provide professional health care and support services tailored to meet residents' needs.
Engaging Activities at WM
Engaging Activities At Willow Manor, we offer popular activities and social events. Residents can pursue hobbies, socialize with friends, or simply sit back and relax.
Delicious Dining at WM
Delicious Dining Offering delicious and nutritious daily menus, our food service team exceeds expectations by crafting meals that cater to the tastes, preferences and dietary needs of residents.