Residential Care & Long Term Mental Health Support
In The Fraser Valley

Willow Manor provides 24 hour staffed Residential and Mental Health Services.
Our focus continues to be excellence in the provision of care to our residents

Welcome. Home.

Aman Grewal

Aman is a professional health provider who is registered with College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of BC and is a Licensed Practical Nurse. Aman has solid experience with mental health patients and is passionate about resident-focused care and community integration.

In addition to building and maintaining a therapeutic relationship with residents, education is a pillar of Aman’s management style—it leads to healthy living and increased quality of life for all.

Optima Living

  • Our Mission

    We provide intimate “home style” living for our Seniors.

    Our goal is to provide the Best Quality of Life Possible by enabling each Resident to experience a full and independent lifestyle as much as possible.

  • Our Vision

    For every person to feel at home.

    This is truly supported by our credo is “Let Us Welcome You Home.” All of us here feel it is an honour to work with our guests and we advocate a resident-centred approach where you, the resident, is the focus of all our endeavours.

  • Our Values

    We promise to:

    Respect You

    We actively listen to provide a dignified and welcoming home where you can live your life as you see fit.

    Uphold Your Dignity

    We respect what you say and support your right to make choices for yourself.

    Work Together

    We work with you and your persons of choice to create a resident focused community.

    Do the Right Thing

    We are passionate about doing “right by you” every day.

Why choose Willow Manor

Our commitment to quality of life includes:

  • – Treating Everyone with Respect and Dignity
  • – Enable Freedom of Choice
  • – Respect and Protect Privacy
  • – Providing Recreation and Social Interactions
  • – Support Residents’ independence through the physical design features in the building and the delivery of support services

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