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July 7th Update

July 7th 


Dear Residents, Families and Care Partners:


This week, BC announced new visitation guidelines for long-term care homes and seniors’ assisted living residences. At Optima, we know how hard this time has been for both residents and their loved ones and we are working hard to develop safe guidelines for expanded visitation. We look forward to welcoming back loved ones in a safe and controlled way and we appreciate everyone’s patience as we ensure all precautions  and resources are ready.


Last week our communities celebrated Canada Day. We are proud to be a Western Canadian Company. Canada continues to shine as one of the best countries in the world on so many levels and we love to honour and celebrate what makes Canada diverse and special not just on July 1st, but everyday.


Thank you for the incredible courage, strength and cooperation you have shown in protecting our cherished residents and those who care for them. 


Here are a few photos from our community managers from our newest community, Wisteria Place, located in Steveston, BC.









Maureen Fakaro, and Gurpreet Pannu, Optima Living, Community Relations at Wisteria Place with prospective residents celebrating Canada Day with physical distancing. 



Let’s Continue to Stay Safe:

COVID-19 Prevention at Optima Living Communities includes infection control precautions that are being taken in each of our residences and offices, including implementing all recommendations from Health Authorities and Government Officials. Everyone is asked to maintain their COVID-19 health practices, including physical distancing, frequent handwashing  and wearing a mask when distancing isn’t possible. 


Some of our infection control precautions include:


– Universal masking for care partners: All care partners who provide direct or indirect care within 2 meters of a resident wear a surgical mask. This will help us reduce the potential spread of the virus by providing an added layer of protection for care partners and residents alike. 


– Enhanced screening for the virus: All sites are actively screening (including regular temperature checks) all care partners, essential visitors and residents according to government guidelines.


– Limited access to essential visitors only:  At all sites from Independent Living to Long Term Care. Arrangements for outdoor visits are available at all sites.


– Infection control and outbreak plans are in place and ready to activate.


– Enhanced cleaning and sanitation, particularly of high-touch areas, in all communities. 


– Ensuring adequate supplies of personal protective equipment are available in each facility in case of an outbreak. 










Thank you. Be safe. Be well.

Farid Damji | Co-Founder & Principal

Optima Living Communities